Turtleneck guide part 2

Turtleneck Basics For Men

Turtleneck guide part 2

Turtleneck history, number 2:

In the early 2000s, they were not really popular. That being said, in recent years, there has been a surge in popularity especially with elegant men because it is a garment that helps you casualize the rest of your somewhat formal wardrobe. Obviously, it keeps your neck warm and it also means you do not need to have a necktie or a bow tie which makes it an ideal winter travel companion.

How a turtleneck sweater should fit, number 1:

The turtleneck is a rather slim fitting garment that is snug and reaches below your waist. Most turtlenecks are quite long so you can tuck them in without them coming out. In the 80s, sweater turtlenecks were very floppy but personally, I think it is not a good style because you have it sit very close against your neck so it is floppy in the body, it just looks weird.

How a turtleneck sweater should fit, number 2:

That being said, turtlenecks usually come in different weight classes, there are some that are extremely thin and it is a great substitute for a shirt. On the other hand, you have thicker sweaters typically made out of wool which is meant to keep you a lot warmer and you might be able to wear them with an undershirt.

How a turtleneck sweater should fit, number 3:

Slim and very thin turtlenecks can be great to layer but wearing them on their own, they really show every imperfection of your body. Frankly, whether you wear your turtleneck tucked or untucked is entirely up to you. Personally, I like to wear it tucked with dress pants or if I combine it with a suit, I wear them on top of my pants if it is a more casual combination.