Hat anatomy and vocabulary guide part 4

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Hat anatomy and vocabulary guide part 4

General classifications of hats, number 4: shapeable

The term shapeable applies to hats that have a metal wire sewn inside of their brims. Some hats come with plastic wires sewn inside the brims and these generally hold their shape whereas the metal is a little bit more malleable so you can style the brim in a number of very specific ways.

Ultraviolet protection factor on hats:

Not to be confused with SPF, the term UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor. This classification takes into consideration a few factors such as the weave, color, weight, and stretch of a hat and most often, hats with the UPF designation are also coated with a bit of ultraviolet protective agent. There are also specific UPF ratings which are as follows: a rating anywhere from 15 to 24, the hat will have an ultraviolet protection percentage of about 93% to 96%, a UPF rating anywhere from 25 to 39 and the hat will have a protection percentage of 96% to about 97 1/2%, a UPF rating from 40 to anywhere above 50 will provide ultraviolet protection percentage of about 97 1/2% to just over 99%.

Hat crown shapes, number 1: teardrop

The teardrop or C crown shape either looks like a teardrop if you are considering the entirety of the hat or like a letter C if you are looking primarily at the back portion of the crown.

Hat crown shapes, number 2: center dent

The center crease or center dent style typically features one central crease that runs down the middle of the crown typically at a depth of about one to two inches.

Hat crown shapes, number 3: diamond crown

The diamond crown is a slightly less popular shape than the more commonly seen teardrop but it was a popular style for a time in the 1940s and it is a little bit wider than your typical C crown shape.