Hat anatomy and vocabulary guide part 3

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Hat anatomy and vocabulary guide part 3

Parts of the hat, number 6: sweatband

The sweatband or inner band is a strip just inside the crown that keeps the hat better fitted to the wearer’s head and also diverts perspiration. It is most typically made of leather for felt hats and made of fabric for straw hats. One tip here, if you flip the sweatband inside out when you are storing your hats, which again should be done upside down, that will help the sweatband to air out so that perspiration or hair product do not accumulate there over time.

General classifications of hats, number 1: snap brim

I will start with the term snap brim which simply refers to a brim that can be snapped or turned on different parts. Usually, it is done in the front and left up in the back. This is a common feature for fedoras and trilbies in particular.

General classifications of hats, number 2: stingy brim

The term stingy brim describes a hat with a very short brim usually of about one to two inches and the term can also be considered a style of hat in its own right though you will not necessarily see that done too often.

General classifications of hats, number 3: packable/ crushable

You might sometimes see hats described as being packable or crushable. A common misconception about this term is that the hat can be really beaten up, totally scrunched down into a ball and that it will perfectly reform itself once you take it out and shape it a little bit. That is not necessarily true, while hats marked as packable or crushable can generally receive a little bit more abuse than their stiff counterparts, it is still best to treat them with care and they may need a little bit of steam and water if they are really out of shape.