Men’s hat etiquette guide part 4

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Men’s hat etiquette guide part 4

A great many menswear sources, if they do offer advice on hat etiquette, will typically advise that the most basic rule to remember is to wear your hat when outdoors and to take it off indoors. While this advice may end up working out for the wearer, let’s say 75-80% of the time, I believe that there is a better central starting point for approaching hat etiquette.

The practice of hat tapping, number 2:

When hats became the dominant fashion for men and bowing was still common practice, the hat would have to be removed when a man bent from the waist so that it did not hit the floor. Bowing would gradually become less extreme over the course of the 19th century, culminating in the simple hat tip by the 20th century. These days in the 21st century, even that practice can seem a little outdated.

The practice of hat tapping, number 3:

If you are a regular hat wearer and feel totally comfortable in headwear, you can give a hat tip to people regardless of gender these days too but if you feel that the behavior would seem affected coming from you, you can go ahead and skip the tip. Even if you do not commit to memory every single example I outlined in this guide, you can still be sure that by following the basic model of the public space-private space paradigm, you, as a hat-wearing gentleman, will be courteous with your stylish headwear.

An idea for an outfit with a hat:

You can wear a herringbone sportcoat which is charcoal gray but also features elements of black, white and brown. A shirt can have a grid pattern of pink and blue on a white background. A tie can be silk and it can be brown and blue. You can add a linen dark blue pocket square and dark charcoal Fedora hat.