Tattoo Dos and Don'ts guide part 4

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide

Tattoo Dos and Don'ts guide part 4

What to expect when getting a tattoo, number 2:

Once the tattoo is completely inked, it will be soaped and washed and you will get a sterile bandage on top of it. You should expect some slight bleeding during and after the process. Before settling on a tattoo studio, you should go read some reviews, maybe talk to friends with a good experience, and also read up on the latest technology of inks and the tattooing process.

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts, number 1: study up your design

You should think about what you want, get inspired by different tattoos so you end up with something you truly love.

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts, number 2: choose a reputable tattoo parlor

Otherwise, you may end up with something that looks really terrible. Of course, it should have several sanitary measures to guarantee safe procedures and that means the artist should wear gloves and the needles should be sanitary and taken out of the package in front of the customer and different artists have different areas of tattoo expertise and you should try to find a perfect match for your design.

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts, number 3: expect to shell out cash

You should expect your tattoo to cost anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars for a small one and of course, a lot more for bigger all body tattoos. Remember, you are essentially hiring an artist to create a piece of art and you should not try to lowball him and instead give him a good tip. One phrase in the industry states “Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good”. Your body’s immune system naturally attacks the tattoo and so it will fade over time and so you may have to go in for touch-ups and because of that, it is good to have that good long-term relationship which is helped by tips.