Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide part 2

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide part 2

Tattoo history, number 3:

The popularity of tattoos with seafarers secured a societal stigma around tattoos being only for people at the fringes of society. In fact, it remained outlawed until the mid 20th century. While tattooing is popular in Europe and in the US, particularly with Millennials, there are others, oftentimes older people, in society who still associate a certain taboo with tattoos and associate it with prison life. With a lot more people having at least one tattoo, that stigma is slowly but surely fading.

Things to keep in mind before getting inked, number 1:

Ultimately, no matter if you like it or not or how well it is done, people will always see it and judge you for it. As I said many times before, in an ideal world, people should not judge you by your outward appearance but they subconsciously do, there is nothing you can do about that. So consider exactly where you want to place your tattoo because chances are that there might come a time when you want to hide your tattoo and just think about that you will have to meet the conservative parents of your significant other for the first time or maybe at a job interview at a white-collar law firm. Overall, if you think about it a lot and if you decide to get a tattoo, I think it is really great if there is a story behind it and some meaning. So rather than picking something out from a menu, come up with something that really means something to you whether it is your children or deceased sibling and shows a tattoo that speaks about you in a way that you can look at it for years to come without changing your mind.