Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide part 1

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide

Tattoo Dos and Don’ts guide part 1

If you have tattoos or you are considering getting one and you have talked about it with friends, you have probably gotten a lot of unsolicited advice. At the end of the day, the question is, should you get a tattoo or not? And while I cannot answer that question for you, I can definitely provide you with some insights that help you reach a conclusion that makes sense for you.

Tattoo history, number 1:

Archaeological evidence puts forward that tattoos have pretty much been around since the dawn of mankind so it is one of the oldest forms of personal style that exists and a lot older than clothes, for example, and tattoos had three principal meanings: a simple decoration, an indication of social status, a kind of a talisman because tattoos were supposed to have healing properties and were good for the body and soul. One culture that is probably most widely associated with tattoos is the Maori of Polynesia. The word tattoo originates from the Maori word “tatau” which means as much as to strike and Maori culture incorporates several rituals and rites of passage, especially for young men, that all evolved around tattoos. The Maori also practice a related art form which is called Ta Moko which includes carving of the skin which leaves a slight texture once it is healed.

Tattoo history, number 2:

You have probably heard of tattoos being very popular among sailors and was in fact, a Maori influence that led to that popularity among them. Now for sailors, tattoos have very specific meanings, for example, a turtle was a sign of having crossed the equator whereas an anchor would mean that you crossed the Atlantic and so forth, sailors usually had a reputation for being rough around the edges and sometimes even violent.