Guide on how to be more likable part 4

Guide on how to be more likable

Guide on how to be more likable part 4

I am a big believer in being myself but sometimes, it can really help to get through life more easily and to get what you want if you adapt in a certain way so you become more likable.

How to be more likable, tip number 9: be vulnerable

This means you can be a leader in a conversation who dives deeper first without waiting for the other person to expose themselves or show vulnerability. Of course, this has to be a gradual process. If you tell people about your financial problems the first time they meet you, they think of you as being weird. So a good starter question that I always use is “What do you do when you don’t work?”.

How to be more likable, tip number 10: be vulnerable

Most people have the impulse to tell me what their job is because that is what they usually hear but then it usually takes a second for them to realize I am actually asking about their passions and you can see a little smile, they will light up and they tell me more about the things they like to do. Now, that is the first step to create a connection, to create something where they feel they can share with me and usually, they have an interest in it so they do not get tired of talking about it. Once you are at that step, you can ask deeper and deeper questions and that way, you have a conversation that is quite meaningful and both people will walk away without feeling like they wasted their time and that they were bored.  Always keep in mind, people love to talk about their passions and not so much about their insecurities yet everyone has them and by opening up and sharing your struggles and your insecurities, you become instantly more relatable and thus likable.