Guide on how to be more likable part 3

Guide on how to be more likable

Guide on how to be more likable part 3

How to be more likable, tip number 6: listen

So far, I talked about active steps you can take but one of the easiest way to become more likable is to really in genuinely listen to what other people say. No, if you are just waiting for the other person to finish before you can give your reply, you are not actively listening. Actively listening means that you comprehend what they are saying that you repeat what they are saying and that you later follow up with a question pertaining to it so they really know that you listened and also cared. So always try to paraphrase what people said in a quick way without going into too much detail. You can also have follow-up questions that show that you comprehended what was said and you just keep the conversation going. In general, people like to feel like they are heard and understood and by actively listening, you achieve exactly that. An even bigger step is not just to listen but to act on what someone just said.

How to be more likable, tip number 7: ask questions

It almost the same as the active listening but more questions keep a conversation going and the more smart questions you ask, the more understood and heard the other person feels. The more people feel taken care of, the more they will feel comfortable in your presence.

How to be more likable, tip number 8: be vulnerable

Most people engage in small talk but small talk does not allow you to really be vulnerable and it is not well-suited to get to know someone. Mostly, it is just tedious and boring and frankly, it can be much harder than having a genuine conversation about things that actually mean something to people. It is best to try to stop yourself from engaging in small talk and get real.