Guide on how to be more likable part 2

Guide on how to be more likable

Guide on how to be more likable part 2

How to be more likable, tip number 3: give out compliments

Most people think more about themselves than others do think about them, so they may put a lot of effort into a hairstyle, their outfits, or the way they dress but others will not even notice it. So by picking up on something that is special about a person and by complimenting them on it makes you instantly more likable. Why? Well, you actually stand out from the crowd because you noticed something others do not and it flatters the other person and honestly, who does not want to be flattered? That being said, it is best not to comment on body parts or ideally, things that people cannot change anything about. Instead, compliment them on something they do or they did.

How to be more likable, tip number 4: accept compliments gracefully

Often, when people are complimented, they do not know how to respond. They try to diminish the compliment. Instead, you should accept it gracefully. What does it mean specifically? All you need to do is to say thank you and smile.

How to be more likable, tip number 5: show some self-deprecating humor

The perfect way to use humor to become more likable without distancing others is to use self-deprecating humor. So what does it mean? Just make fun about yourself. That means, maybe share weird things about you or share a time when you look like a loser or when you did something that looks really stupid. I know it seems weird and hard but by doing that and getting other people to laugh about it, they will instantly like you more. Another good way to add self-deprecating humor is to compare yourself to others so you can say “Oh wow you’re just twenty-two when you’re running your own business; when I was 22, my mom did my laundry for me”. That way, you put yourself in a light that lets others shine and that makes you instantly more likable even though you may feel like you look like a loser.