Guide on how to be more likable part 1

Guide on how to be more likable

Guide on how to be more likable part 1

So first of all, what is a likable person and what are their traits? Likable people are often considered down-to-earth, open, authentic, interested, self-deprecating, trustworthy, and a bunch of other things. Usually, they are warm and emotionally stable people that others want to be around.

How to be more likable, tip number 1: be yourself

I know it is a super cliche answer but sometimes, the person you want to do not line up with the person you actually are. The perfect example is social media. The way people present themselves on Instagram or in Facebook rarely matches the real-life circumstances. We usually spend a lot of time and energy trying to get people to like who you want to be rather than who you actually are, you may come off as insecure, unreal and not so confident. Often, people can sense this and they want to know the real genuine authentic you, not the idealized version of you. So let them see the real you even though at times that might seem embarrassing, it really helps to increase your likability because people can relate better with you and they do not put you on a pedestal that is just an idea of everything that they cannot have because obviously, they know about the things that are not perfect in their own lives and they like to see it in others.

How to be more likable, tip number 2: Learn great conversation starters

Other people will be relieved that they do not have to start the conversation, like “Did you choose your profession or it chose you?”. Having some good starter questions ready every time before you attend a social event will make you more secure and you will probably end up having more good conversations. It will also avoid awkward moments and people will thank you for it because they know when they talk to you, it is never embarrassing or strange.