How to dress like Cary Grant guide part 7

Cary Grant’s Style Tips

How to dress like Cary Grant guide part 7

Cary Grant style, number 5:

The thing is that he really was not the best actor around. Audiences were just so spellbound by his good looks and sense of style his awkward acting came across as a masculine form of aloofness. In that day and age, men who practiced style the way Grant did were thought to be homosexuals, but somehow, for some reason, many people looked past that with Grant. In that day and age, male stars did not have the luxury of large wardrobes and often had to wear their own clothes. That is one of the reasons they kept casting Grant was because he was elegant a lot. The fourteen-gauge, mid-gray, worsted wool suits he wore in North by Northwest were his own and ones he had personally purchased from tailors on Savile Row.

Cary Grant style, number 6:

His dress was certainly popular with the ladies and he had a few to his name. He was married five times to Virginia Cherril, Barbara Hutton, Betsy Drake, Dyan Cannon and Barbara Harris with many partners in between. Rumors have circulated that perhaps Grant was gay or bisexual but many women argue he was absolutely not. Regardless of who Grant was on the inside, to everyone else he was a legend. A man of timeless elegance who retired when his daughter Jennifer was born, so that she would have fatherly love in her upbringing. Something he never had himself.

Cary Grant’s thoughts on clothing, number 1:

A lot has been written about Cary Grant’s style but he only wrote one article about his thoughts on clothing in style, which was published in a 5 part series in THIS WEEK in 1962 and 5 years later, GQ picked it up and republished it. Here it is again: