How to dress like Cary Grant guide part 5

Cary Grant’s Style Tips

How to dress like Cary Grant guide part 5

The history of Mr. Cary Grant, number 10:

Grant was one of the rare few who always put people ahead of himself. It was rare for him to deny an interview, say no to a child wanting an autograph, or pose for a picture with a teary-eyed fan. He was about making others feel more comfortable, possibly because he was never comfortable himself.

Cary Grant style, number 1:

Inside Grant was a hurt man. Disposed of by his parents, lied to about his mother’s death until his thirties and tragically avoided by his father when he adopted a new family. No man could withstand that level of distress without masking it somehow. And that is just what Grant did. If he was not put together on the inside, he would try to always be confident on the outside. As a young chap, his father once told him when he was wearing a combination with loud socks – “remember, it is you walking down the street, not your socks.” Interestingly, he had arrived in the U.S. in 1920 on the same ocean liner as Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Even though they did not travel in the same class, he was able to catch a glimpse and the timeless, classic and elegant style of Fairbanks made a huge impression on him. Even years later he was able to tell Ralph Lauren all about the intricacies of Fairbanks’ clothes and accessories, including fabrics types, lapel widths, and buttonholes. Interestingly, up to his style icons and tried to imitate them until he became like them.

Cary Grant style, number 2:

A huge fan of military uniforms, Grant recognized them as being the apex of men's fashion. He realized that soldiers always looked sharp and even when they were disheveled in war, they still had raw masculinity to them because of the uniform. Grant decided to adopt that in his wardrobe and treated his attire, not as clothing, but as his uniform.