How to dress like Cary Grant guide part 1

Cary Grant’s Style Tips

How to dress like Cary Grant guide part 1

The history of Mr. Cary Grant, number 1:

Cary Grant is one of those names that sticks with you. It is a movie stars name, the name of the lead in a play or a character in a book. It has a ring to it, and that is probably why Archibald Leach chose it as his name in 1942. He was born on January 18, 1904, and his parents were Elsie Maria Leach and Elias James Leach. His childhood was anything but normal with his mother in and out of mental institutions for bouts of depression among other issues. He attended Bishop Road Primary School in England where he grew up and on in the time his mother was sent away, his father Elias would tell him she was taking a long holiday and after a few bouts, Elias had her committed and told Grant she had died while traveling. It was not until he was 31 years old that his father confessed she was mentally unstable and had not been on holiday, nor was she dead, but that he could find her alive in the sanitarium.

 The history of Mr. Cary Grant, number 2:

By the time Leach was ten years old, his father had remarried and began a life with his new family that refused to include the young boy. To date, there is little known about how he was cared for, and by whom. With his family troubles, Leach turned to mischief and was expelled from the Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol in 1918. He had always been very skilled in acrobatics and entertaining so he joined the Bob Pender Stage Troupe where he learned to walk on stilts. At the age of 16, he traveled with the vaudevillian troupe to the United States on the RMS Olympic for a two-year tour of the country. He, like many young men at that time, was processed at Ellis Island on July 28, 1920.