Cheap sharkskin suits guide for larger guys?

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Imagine you are the only one in your friend circle not having a sharkskin suit or some other suit in wardrobe. If not expensive, every man should have two or three cheap suits to wear when invited to attend some business meet or some other formal event. Man of any stature, be it short or tall, wiry or rotund, must have a sharkskin suit or any type of cheap suits. There is a sharkskin suit for every body shape.
It can be your daily wear if you are an office goer. Your sharkskin suit will make you look more smart and professional while attending a sporadic client meeting. And, you want to look like an ideal man while attending one or two weddings a year. All you need is a proper fit and the right accessories to leave the right impression.

Choosing cheap sharkskin suit for larger men

If it is your size, your 34s slim fit sharkskin suit will hug right. A suit of the right size snugs on your shoulders. Most of the guys make mistake while picking their size. They usually choose a size that is a little larger than the size that fits well. If you think that size 46r 46 regular sharkskin suits are perfect for you, give size 44 a try.

If you are missing the firmness while pulling on the jacket, that’s not your size. You will not find the sense of authority on it. The right suit is tailored to make you stand taller and snap to attention. If the sharkskin suit is not fitting right in your shoulders, its size is not right for you.

You being plus size does not mean that you should go for oversized suits and disguise your frame. As they tell ladies to embrace their curves. Embrace your frame. Wear a comfort fit shirt and a comfortable longer length jacket. If you think that double breasted suit will hide your frame, prepare yourself for a disappointment. The excess material will further enhance your bulges. So, let younger and skinnier guys wear these double-breasted suits.

Dark colored suits are flattering. You can enhance your looks with a shirt or jazzy tie. Granddad collar is perfect for less formal occasions. A nicely folded pocket square will detract from unsightly bulges. A well-tailored sharkskin suit does not hide shirt cuff entirely. Show a little bit of shirt cuff. And, get your sleeves taken in. Baggy arm is not going to leave a good impression.

Do not ignore the back of the suit. The suit shows your confidence, style and professionalism from behind as well. Despite being more dandy-ish, double slits provide more leverage. One vent jacket, on the other hand, is much more unobtrusive. Waistcoat, the ultimate manly garment can hide a paunch.

Finish off your looks with a nice pair of shoes. Shoes are as important as the suit. Our article “how to match the color of your shoes to your suit” will help you in choosing the right pair of shoe.

Try different shirts, ties, pocket squares and other sharkskin suit accessories. Stand tall.