Top 5 suit fabric patterns for size 50l suits

50L Suits - stealing the style of The Rock

You cannot say that you are aware of the basics if you don’t know about different suit fabric patterns. It is easy to pick solid colors but when it comes to patterns, this is going to be a little difficult. One general rule is clear, patterns are for relaxed occasions, less formal. Pinstripe is an exception. This pattern for cheap suits is an integral part of some kinds of formalwear. The scale and constituent colors are also important decisive factors making a suit more or less formal. Small scale patterns are more formal and large scale patterns, on the other hand, are less formal. So, if you are planning to invest in size 50l suits, sharkskin suit or any other type of suit, let us make you aware of different suit fabric patterns.

Best 5 suit fabric patterns for size 50l suits

Coming in different styles, stripes are always vertical. Pinstripe is the most classic pattern for both expensive and cheap size 50l suits. Prefer navy pinstriped suit if you want a traditional look. This pattern makes a perfect uniform for businessmen. Pinstripes are very narrow and prominent stripes. Usually, these stripes are white but gray is also very common. You can find these stripes in other colors as well. However, you get only limited opportunities to wear your size 34s slim fit suit in these patterns. You will find it hard to match your suit with shirt and tie. Your sharkskin suit white pinstripe is evergreen. Stripes will make you appear taller. Chalk stripe is another option available to you. Stripes in chalk stripe pattern are set farther apart. These stripes have greater width. The pinstripe is more formal than chalk stripes.

This pattern also comes in a variety of styles. Plaid is the best known pattern among checks. Check actually describes a fabric with horizontal and vertical stripes. Solids or stripes are more formal than checks.

Glen Check
This pattern is pretty common for suits. Glen Check is also known as Prince of Wales of Check. This pattern resembles a tartan. Glen Check is monochromatic. In this pattern for expensive and cheap size 50l suits, there are bands of horizontal and vertical stripes creating an impression of a wider check in the fabric.

This pattern is deeply associated with weekend wear created for English nobles in Scotland. This pattern is suitable for semi-formal occasions. Some professions have strict dress codes and this pattern is not a part of their dress codes.

Windowpane offers you more bold option in checks. In this pattern, stripes are far apart forming a checkerboard effect. Now cheap suits with this pattern are not as common as once these were. You need a decent dose of confidence to wear this daring pattern.

Herringbone and Houndstooth
Herringbone features arrow-shaped patterns. You can find these patterns in tweed and other heavy woven fabrics. This pattern is appropriate for any occasion. As this pattern is found in heavy fabrics, you will find these patterns resembling saw-blade on winter and country size 50l suits.