How To Match The Color Of Your Shoes To Your Size 34s Slim Fit Suit?

How To Wear, Match & Pair GREEN in Menswear

The first impression is not the last impression. Your first impression has set a bar, thanks to your big-budget looking Size 34s Slim Fit Suit. However, when someone finds that your shoes and size 34s slim fit suit are not in the same league, your first impression is gone and your sense of style is questionable now. It takes more than a sharkskin suit or any other suit to make you like an ideal man. Even when you are wearing one of those cheap suits, if your tie, tie clip, shoes, shirt, pocket square and other suit accessories are in harmony with the suit, you need not to put some extra efforts to the looks of an ideal man.

When it comes to physical appearance, your impression depends on how well you are presenting yourself from head to toe. The fashion police will not perceive your style and professionalism in the way you expect. Even the most expensive size 46r 46 regular suits will be ruined questions:

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What is the color of your sharkskin suit?
  3. What is the color of your accessories?

Where are you going?

The choice of shoes depends on the event you are going to attend. when you wear a wrong pair of shoes. However, you can avoid this if you have answers to the following three

Business professional
You can wear wingtip shoes or leather monk strap shoes in brown, black or dark burgundy with your size 50l suits. Yellow, blue or other colors (except brown, black or dark burgundy) will deprive you of your style and professionalism. These colors are inappropriate.

Cap toe shoes formal or leather closed-laced oxfords in black are perfect when you are attending weddings or other formal events. You can wear these shoes with blazers, dress pants or cheap suits of any color. And, if you are going to attend a black tie event, wear black leather shoes with your tuxedo.

What is the color of your Size 34s Slim Fit Suit?

You are not going to buy four pairs of shoes if you have four different cheap suits in your wardrobe and all suits in totally different shades. Don’t go for well-matched outfits. Some guidelines for shoe suit color combinations:

Suit Color Show Color
Black suit with or without pinstripe
  • Black
  • Dark burgundy
Light, casual fabric brown or linen suit
  • Black
  • Light to medium brown
Navy suit
  • Prefer brown but any other color will work
Gray suit
  • Lighter brown
  • Black
  • Camel
Black suit
  • Black
  • Dark Burgundy

What is the color of your accessories?  

From tie to shoes, everything plays a part in defining your personality. Try to match your accessories with the pair of shoes you are wearing. If possible, make sure that your watchband, belt and your shoes have the same color. Metallic wristwatch will work with shoes and suit of any color. The suit and socks should be of the same color.

While your Size 34s Slim Fit suit is the most prominent element, shoes and accessories also deserve your attention.