How to Make a Style Statement with Cheap Suits?

How to spot a cheap suit

What makes you look like a gentleman? Not from inside, from outside. Have you ever come across some hoodie guide for gentlemen? You are not going to find any. There isn’t any men’s fashion blogger who has not written suit guide for gentleman. You can find gentleman guide for single-breasted, double-breasted, lounge, Sharkskin suit and all other types of suits.

An outfit without a suit can’t be a gentleman’s outfit. Obviously, you will have to qualify as a gentleman from inside as well. Even cheap suits will do the job. So, you can create a gentleman like style statement without breaking the bank. Every grown-up man must have one or two suits in his wardrobe and these suits can be under $500. There are some easy tricks that can make your cheap suits look like impressive and expensive suits you feel that are not within your means. Just master these tricks and you will look a lot nicer.

Making cheap suits look like expensive suits

Are you buying your first suit? 

If you are a starter and you are on a budget, refrain from shiny synthetic fibers. Find some mass-market retailer in your city offering quality fabrics. Keep a close watch on the sale section. You can make a $1000 Sharkskin suit or any other type of suit yours for $500.

You can replace the buttons of your cheap suits

You will find that cheap suits have flimsy shiny plastic buttons. These plastic buttons are not going to survive a hectic workday. These buttons will be broken and lost. Find a tailor and get these buttons replaced with genuine horn buttons.

You can take a cuff at the ankle

Ask your tailor to give your trousers tapered and slim leg with no break at the hem. Also, ask your tailor to add a 1.5” cuff. You are not going to find this detail in cheap suits and a good tailor can give expensive looks to your cheap suits.

Take in the sleeves

You can simply spend $100 to $150 and add some more details to your cheap suits. Just give few dollars to your tailor and make it look like a custom made suit. Take in the sleeves. Tell the tailor that you want tapered, narrow sleeves. Have sleeves that do not hang off your arms. Sleeves should hug your arms without restricting the range of motion for holding onto the subway rails, posing for photos and other things you need to do regularly.

You can try monochromatic styling

It takes a perfect shirt, tie, suit and shoe combination to make your entire outfit look like a big-budget outfit. This combination will endow your suit with richer and finer looks. Create depth by switching up patterns and colors. Correctly fold and add a pocket square of totally different color. Buy a set of tie clips.

You can give finishing touch with expensive shoes     

Obviously, you do not want to fork out for every single element. However, you can wear your new expensive shoes not only with a suit but with other outfits as well.