Moncler jackets guide part 5

Moncler jackets guide

Moncler jackets guide part 5

Moncler has been making puffy jackets since the 1950s and they have been around for a while and they have become quite iconic.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 8: boxy and simple fit

It makes you look like a Michelin Man. The sizing is quite strange so if you want a Moncler jacket, size up. Even though the size is larger in their lineup, the sleeves are quite short which is something I do not like because that is where you end up with cold air.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 9:

Because Moncler jackets are so expensive, they are faked all over the place and in order to verify that you have a genuine product, Moncler jackets have a barcode on the inside jacket. You can simply scan it with a scanner app which gets you to a website and once you sign up, it will tell you what name the jacket should be and what style and if it is a different style, you know it was copied and it is a fake or if the number is wrong, it will just tell you to get in touch with support and you know what is wrong or a fake, as well.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 10:

In terms of weight, it does not tell you exactly how heavy it is but their jackets are really lightweight. So if they are lightweight, do they keep you warm? Yes, absolutely. As I said before, with a fill power where the air is trapped, it definitely keeps you warm.

How to take care of Moncler jackets:

Instructions are pretty clear, it is made to be washed but I could see how eventually, the very thin nylon shell will suffer and get destroyed simply because it is nylon, it is not kevlar or something like that and it is just so thin.