Moncler jackets guide part 4

Moncler jackets guide

Moncler jackets guide part 4

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 6: nylon shell

One of the iconic things of Moncler, it is very dense nylon that is extremely lightweight and only weighs in at 33 grams per square meter. It is also woven in a very fine way so you do not end up with feathers or down poking through the shell. This high density lacquered nylon that is shiny is something that is pretty unique to Moncler and not many other brands use it. So if you would like it, it is a strong reason to invest in the Moncler jacket. If you look at the finishing of the jacket such as the snap buttons, the zippers, and all the metal parts, I am not too impressed. They seem to be made out of Zamak which is an alloy out of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. While really popular in the industry, it is really inexpensive and solid brass is, in my opinion, a lot better. If you look at the zipper, it is injection molded plastic and the zipper pulley is Zamak again but overall, a zipper out of the highest quality materials would be machined out of metal with metal teeth, would be a lot smoother, and would be higher in quality.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 7:

Overall, I think the trimmings do not feel cheap but they are definitely not the highest quality, they are more average. I have to say though, the construction of the jacket is really neat, the seams are all straight, there are no loose threads, no down poking through, and it appears to be a quality product right out of a box. It also comes with elastic inserts, cuffs that can be tightened, as well as adjusters at the bottom so you can ensure no cold wind comes in.