Moncler jackets guide part 3

Moncler jackets guide

Moncler jackets guide part 3

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 4:

To measure the quality of different down jacket compositions, there is something called the fill power. Fill power means as much as the volume occupied by the down feathers. An object with a higher fill power takes up more space meaning more air is trapped and therefore, the jacket is more insulating. Essentially, it means that you get more warmth while maintaining the same weight. The fill power of a Moncler down jacket is 710 which means it takes up 710 cubic inches for 30 grams of down which is about 1 ounce. Regular feathers have a fill power of only 300 versus the best quality down have a fill power of 900. Like I said, using waterfowl down would even enable you to get higher fill power numbers but it is not worth it commercially. So at the end of the day, 710 is a good fill number especially if you consider that the down is supposedly plucked only from dead animals.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 5: down explained

Those are bird feathers that are very small and fine and flexible and because of that, when put together, they create air chambers which insulate both ways. On the one hand, they insulate from the cold air from the outside. On the other hand, they preserve the body heat which is very favorable for animals. Normally, goose downs are the most widely known quality down feathers. There are others such as waterfowl but they are usually not commercially used because even better, they are more expensive. Also, the highest quality down feathers through geese have to be plucked from live animals. Later pluckings are better because the down feathers are even finer than the earlier ones and therefore, they insulate even more. However, plucking the down feathers from live geese means they suffer from extreme pain and stress which is just animal cruelty.