5 Style Secrets that Everyone Needs to know

The Secret to Growing and Maintaining a Great Beard

Has it ever occurred to you that you kept wondering if there were some style secrets that those handsome guys around you were using to look great? We can’t be sure about them, but there are certainly some style secrets that you must know to elevate your dressing.

Style Secret 1: Know Your Body Type

The most important style secret of the dressing game is that everybody doesn’t look good in the same type of clothes. For example, t-shits look good on smarter folks, but on heavier guys it doesn’t fit that well. Similarly, color sizes suit according to the size and shape of the face. Likewise, height also plays a role on how you look in certain type of clothes. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to know your body type well to look impeccable all around.

Style Secret 2: Spend Time and Money on Shoes

Shoes are a crucial part of your dressing. Therefore, you must be well-aware of the different types of shoes and their style relevancy. So, spend some time on learning about shoes and invest some money on them. A good pair of shoes will pay you much more in longer term.

Style Secret 3: Wear a Unique Accessory

On certain occasions where everyone dresses so strong, the unique accessory you wear will make you stand-out. That accessory will reflect your own sense of style. Watch, ring and glasses are some of best accessories for men to add a distinct flavor in style.

Style Secret 4: Have a Sport Jacket Ready

Sport Jacket is the most versatile item in your cupboard. You can put it on a variety of occasions. Therefore, a nicely cleaned and pressed sport jacket can make your day memorable. Sport Jackets have this wonderful ability to look great on almost all the dressing combinations.

Style Secret 5: Don’t Fall for the latest Fashion Craze

Don’t be that person who runs after every new trend and ends up having a lot of clothes he doesn’t wear. You may also have experienced the moment when you see the new fashion trend around and try it to keep yourself up-to-date. Then, you realize that the new trend doesn’t give the feel and look that you like. Therefore, stick to your own style and do not go after the latest fads.

These 5 secrets can improve your style significantly. Dressing is not a talent; it is a skill therefore you can improve it by knowledge and experience. So, try these style secrets and feel the confident like you never did before!