Moncler jackets guide part 2

Moncler jackets guide

Moncler jackets guide part 2

Moncler jackets history, number 3:

At around at the same time, Giambattista Valli started designing for Moncler. Today, Moncler is truly a fashion brand that prices their products in the luxury range. Because of that, Moncler jackets are no longer target to sporty outdoorsman or expeditioners. Instead, they show up at Fashion Week and that is the realm now. Interestingly, they claim that they still focus on expedition gear, for some reason though, it is not for sale. Nevertheless, Moncler puffy down jackets have become a true status symbol from many out there and as a consequence, they are faked a lot. So obviously, Moncler has some history to it even though they are now more focused on the fashion side of things.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 1:

Moncler is intentionally bold in an area where usually navy and black solid dominate the landscape. Moncler jackets are known for their down filling which is very puffy and very insulating and warm. On their website, they claim to have superior expertise in the down realm.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 2:

All the down fitters using their jackets are DIST certified, that is a protocol that claims to trace traceability quality and origin of the down. Interestingly, the trade market DIST is actually owned by Moncler so it is not an independent agency but it is their own quality control seal, therefore, the quality claims of the down are actually certified by a subsidiary of Moncler and not by an outside third party.

Moncler jackets quality hallmarks, number 3:

They claim to use superior downs yet they use surprisingly few numbers to back those claims up. They claim that their down cluster content is at least 90% with 10% being other feathers. Now, the higher the pure down content, the more insulating the jacket and the higher the quality the jacket will be.