Moncler jackets guide part 1

Moncler jackets guide

Moncler jackets guide part 1

Moncler jackets history, number 1:

Moncler is pronounced that way because it is derived from the name of a town, Monestier-de-Clermont. Originally, Moncler was established as a maker of quilted sleeping bags in 1952. Even though they are most well known for their puffy down jackets, they did not invent them, that honor actually goes to Eddie Bauer who came up with the idea in 1936.  Ever since its inception, Moncler produced down products but they were more utilitarian and meant for workers who were out on the mountain. Eventually, a French Mountaineer by the name of Lionel Terray approached Moncler and asked if they could make jackets for his expeditions. They accepted the challenge and from that point forward, they were the providers of exhibition gear for many mountaineering groups.

Moncler jackets history, number 2:

For example in 1954, Moncler outfitted the first crew that successfully climbed the K2. By 1968, Moncler had become so popular and well known that they were named the official supplier of the French National Ski Team.  With the spotlight on the company, Moncler decided to change their logo to the cockerel which is still the Moncler logo today. The iconic Moncler puffy down jacket, as we know it today, came about to be in the 1980s. Young Italian men dubbed the paninari started wearing work wear such as the brightly colored puffy jackets from Moncler as well as timberland boots as part of their subculture. Moncler responded to the trend by adding a shiny finish to their jackets as well as fur trimmings. In 2003, Moncler was purchased by the Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini and he moved their headquarters to Milan that remains today. Under new direction, Moncler decided to focus more on the fashion side of things rather than the expedition based quality segment. Because of that, they came up with the Gamme Rouge collection.