How to Match a Tie to an Occasion

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

Matching a tie to an occasion is not that simple. For a confident appearance you should know the right type and color of a tie for the event you’re getting ready. Tie is a prominent part of dress and has a huge impact on how others perceive your personality. Selecting a tie for casual events and parties is relatively easy; you have multiple options and you can be creative with your style. However, when it comes to formal events, having the right tie is a much sophisticated and subtle matter.

How to Match a Tie to a Formal Occasion

  • White Tie:

    White tie is used for super formal events. These occasions are rarely held these days. The events follow a rigid dress code. Everyone wears a white bow-tie over a white starched shirt and a white waist-coat. Along whit that, high waist black trousers and a black tailcoat is used. It is also called full evening dress.

  • Black Tie:

    On black tie event, as name suggests, you are required to wear a black tie. It can be a long or a bow-tie, and you also have freedom to have patterns and shades of your choice.

How to Match a Tie to a semi-formal Occasion

Weddings, business meetings, conferences and cocktail parties are the common semi-formal events where you can dress up as it delights you without breaking the formality of the event. You can wear a tie of any decent color like burgundy or blue, but make sure that the patterns and colors you choose are not too flashy and glaring; keep the colors of your tie toned-down.

How to Match a Tie to an informal Occasion

An informal occasion might be your workplace, gathering of friends, a bar or a party. At these events, you have freedom to wear a tie that makes you stand out. You may wear cool patterns and shades without being inappropriate. By inappropriate we mean that your tie should not mismatch to your shirt or coat and vice versa. Also, you need to take into consideration the type of event and its activities.
Ties are available in plenty of colors, patterns and styles. The tie you should wear must be in harmony to the event. Now that you have learned how to match a tie to an occasion, it is time to show your elegance and style to the world.