Style guide for slim men part 8

Style guide for slim men Style guide for slim men

Style guide for slim men part 8

Our subconscious sees fitness as an indicator of health and we are always looking for signs of strength in potential romantic partners, co-workers, or even friends. With all that in mind, here are some tips from one slim man to another on how to dress well in order to look healthy and masculine.

Considerations for specific garments for slim men, tip number 14: shoes

Go for something understated and on the slim side rather than something more utilitarian and chunky. Loafers are going to be a good bet for you as is anything from an Italian manufacturer as their styles are typically slimmer than some parts elsewhere around the world.

Considerations for specific garments for slim men, tip number 15:

You do not have to be muscular or physically imposing to project a masculine image. Simply by knowing what types of garments fit your body and flatter you, you can look confident as well as stylish all the time.

An idea for an outfit:

You can wear a slim fitting shirt that is in a micro check pattern of light blue and gray on a white background and you can wear under a thick cable knit zip sweater in a light beige color. Both the thickness of the knit as well as the color are techniques that I recommended t increase your visual heft. Pants can be darker brown but still communicating with the beige sweater and are also in a moderately slim fit. Your socks can be light blue which echoes the colors in the shirt and shoes can be dark bloodoxford penny loafers. You should opt for this kind of shoes because they are slim and not large which is another tip I gave you. With this outfit you can go without accessories because if you can choose a shirt that has barrel cuffs, it helps underneath the sweater, so you do not even need accessories.