Style guide for slim men part 3

Style guide for slim men Style guide for slim men

Style guide for slim men part 3

Tips for slim men, number 6: layering is key

With each additional layer you put on, you are going to be adding a bit more bulk. One layer on its own might not necessarily make a difference but if you are wearing multiple layers in conjunction, you will be able to build up your frame a little bit more. Rather than simply piling on a bunch of sweaters, however, you will want to approach your layering a little bit more strategically. Start with the lightest weight fabrics closest to your body and as you move outward, each subsequent layer can be more sturdy. Also, textured weaves like tweed, flannel, denim, or corduroy give more perceived heft than do smoother weave fabrics. Returning to the concept of patterns for a moment, this same concept of working inward to outward should apply to patterns as well. For example, the pattern on your shirt, if it has one, should be less abrasive than the pattern that is featured on your jacket or tie.

Tips for slim men, number 7: find ways to make your neck look larger

Turtleneck sweaters are the classic choice to create this effect but you also do have other options. For example, you could have a zip neck, a stand collar, or a shawl collar on a sweater in particular. Also, simply wearing a dress shirt with a sturdy collar assisted further by the aid of collar stays is a good way to minimize the appearance of your neck because the pattern of the shirt will be carried upward a little bit by the verticality of the collar.

Considerations for specific garments for slim men, tip number 1: shirts

T-shirts, polos, dress shirts, or any other type of shirt just like any garment in general for the slim man, should fit the body closely without being too tight. As I already mentioned, fit in the shoulders and the sleeves are key.