Style guide for slim men part 1

Style guide for slim men part 1

Tips for slim men, number 1: avoid wearing clothing that makes you look frail

Many thin men often try to disguise their frames by wearing clothing that is too large for them thinking that the extra fabric is going to make them look bigger, however, in reality, the opposite is actually true. At the same time, however, thin men should also stay clear of super skinny or skin-tight styles because these two are just going to draw attention to your thin frame. The solution is that you just have to find clothing that is going to fit you just right. If they fit properly, your clothes should drape naturally over your body, fitting closely but at the same time not feeling tight or pulling anywhere and also not so loose that they are baggy or billowing. As such, you will definitely benefit in the long run from forming a good relationship with a tailor as you are probably going to need to take all kinds of different garments in for one type of alteration or another in order to achieve that ideal fit.

Tips for slim men, number 2:

In particular, pay close attention to your shoulders and your sleeves. The shoulder seam of your shirt should sit right at your shoulder’s edge. If it is up too high, the shirt is going to look too small on you and if it is down too low, your shoulders are going to look like they are dropping. If the seam sits right at the shoulder edge, it is going to properly frame your shoulders and your chest. Similarly, your sleeves should be just wide enough so that your arms can fit comfortably inside of them. If they are too tight, you are going to have unsightly wrinkling all around your arms and if they are too loose, they are just going to look like you are wearing a pirate shirt.