Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 6

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Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 6

Should you buy a Hermès tie? Number 2:

Genuine Hermès ties usually yield quite high prices even when they are used. Of course, they have to be in a pristine condition which ties rarely are if you actually wear them and on top of that, you have to prove that it is actually a genuine product which can be very hard unless you have the specific receipt with a photo of the tie. Of course, if you give all the Hermès ties you do not want any longer to a store, they have to mark them up and ultimately, you do not get much for used Hermès ties anyways. Also if you are shorter than 6 foot or 183 centimeters, Hermes ties may be too long for you and all you can do is tie a really big knot which may often not work with your head size. Also, if you are really tall and you want more variety in your ties, Hermes is not the right place for you.

Should you buy a Hermès tie? Number 3:

Building up an entire Hermès tie collection can be rather expensive. If you buy 12 ties, you are already down more than $2,000. Now they certainly use high-quality materials including their silk, but on the other hand, they do not offer any volume discounts. At the end of the day, to me personally, Hermès ties are mostly not worth it simply because I prefer a 9-centimeter width and I prefer different textures. On top of that, I want ties in different lengths because depending on an outfit and the rise of my trousers I do not always want a consistent tie length and Hermès is not able to deliver that to me. That being said, if you are about 6 foot tall or 180 centimeters, Hermès ties will work for you in height and if you like their motifs and their flashy colors it is definitely an option for you.