Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 3

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Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 3

In the US, Hermès ties have a price tag of a $180. In Europe, it is a little less. In Australia, it is a little more but overall, it is right around that price point.

Is a Hermès tie worth the price? Number 4:

Making a tie out of two pieces is totally fine and has no impact on the quality. The next step, the fabric is cut. Hermès ties often feature specific model numbers with the logo printed in the silk and because of that, they have to be cut very accurately otherwise, the finished product will not have lines that are very neat. That is another way to make it difficult for fakers because often times, they get these little details wrong but Hermès always gets them right. Once a tie is cut, you add two layers of interlining that gives the tie the feel and the springiness. Hermès ties are three-fold ties and they are hand sewn with a thread that is a hundred and seventy centimeters long, that is about five foot and seven inches. All Hermes ties contain a little loop at the bottom and because that loop stitch ties are flexible. Many quality ties are sewn in that way so I am not surprised to see that from an Hermès tie.

Is a Hermès tie worth the price? Number 5:

It is even little things such as the label which sits eight inches from the bottom and is sewn on in four spots or the model number in this little box which is neatly aligned with the edge and not crooked. Also, that keeper tag is woven and not printed and has very specific elements that are different with the different ties. So a woven tie will have a different label than a printed animal tie which is different again to heavy printed twill silk.