Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 2

The top 5 colors to choose when wearing a tie

Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 2

Is a Hermès tie worth the price? Number 2:

Every season, ten new ones are added as well as old ones are reissued and overall, they have probably created more than 75,000 different color schemes. So between the designs and the colors, there is really a rich archive. Hermès is known for their printed ties especially for their often whimsical animal print ties, horse-inspired prints, as well as geometrical prints, and small micropatterns.

Is a Hermès tie worth the price? Number 3:

Back in the day, it was actually done with hand blocks, today, that is not done anymore. Today, they use screens which are a lot more labor-intensive and therefore more costly than digital printing. So why does Hermès still use silk screen printing? They believe it produces richer colors in a more high-quality product. All famous Hermès ties are printed on a rather lightweight silk twill that has a little bit of gum added back to it so it has a really soft touch that is not dry at all. When you touch an Hermès tie, it has a very typical feel, it is not super gummy like old madder silk ties, but it is also not like a jacquard woven tie, it is something in between, that is special for Hermes and that they want to keep secret which is one of the reasons that’s vertically integrated. A true connoisseur will likely always be able to determine whether it is a fake or not based on the way the silk feels in their hand. It is hard to describe but it is something you have to develop over time. Every Hermès tie is made out of two panels of silk, not three, like most ties but also not like one like very expensive ties. The only difference is basically that you need more silk, the fewer pieces you use for each individual tie.