Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 1

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Is it worth it: Hèrmes ties, guide part 1

Hèrmes ties history, number 1:

Hermès is a brand who was founded in 1837 by the German-born Thierry Hermès. Initially, it was a manufacturer of harnesses and brittles for the carriage trade. By 1855, they won their first prize for their quality merchandise and soon thereafter, they would start to expand their products and include things like saddle and leather goods. Now I could fill hours with the intricate history of Hermès but in terms of ties and silk, the home of the Hermès silk since 1937 has been the city of Lyon.

Hèrmes ties history, number 2:

The first silk design Hermès created was actually not for a tie but for a scarf. They are probably even more famous for women than the ties are for men. They are typically in 70 centimeters by 70 centimeters. The very first pattern showed some women playing a game. The pattern was called Dames Blanches. In 1978, the fifth generation of family owners came in and Jean-Louis Dumas became the chairman of Hermès as well as the creative director. Under his reign, Hermès switched to focus on silk products, leather goods, and ready-to-wear goods. Over the years, Hermès has produced thousands of designs and they have become iconic, very recognized and worn by Wall Street bankers, London businessmen, Russian oligarchs, or emerging Chinese upper-classmen.

Is a Hermès tie worth the price? Number 1:

Well, first I have to determine what you get for that money. The tie production, especially for the printed ties, is vertically integrated. Hermès has their own silkworm plantations in southern Brazil and there they control the spinning of the yarn, the weaving of the yarn, the designs of the silk, the printing, as well as the sales, all the way to the customer. All designs are exclusively designed for Hermès and you cannot find them elsewhere unless they are knockoffs, of course.