Houndstooth guide part 7

Houndstooth guide

Houndstooth guide part 7

The houndstooth is a very versatile pattern. It is equally at home in the Scottish highlands or in a business casual office environment. If worn and paired tastefully with other items, it can look unique but not too flashy. Overall, it is really a pattern that you can sink your teeth into if you know how to wear it well.

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 13: shoes

Horsebit loafer will look best if the houndstooth you are pairing is in a grayscale pattern. You can pull off houndstooth with black shoes but you have to exercise a little bit more caution. Now you may see particularly modern styles of shoes or boots that have fabric inserts, in these cases, you could actually see a houndstooth pattern on the footwear itself.

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 14: boutonnieres

Generally, when wearing a boutonniere with a houndstooth jacket, you should go for something smaller and more subdued because you do not want a large flower clashing with the already bold nature of the houndstooth pattern.

An idea for an outfit with houndstooth pattern:

You can wear a houndstooth sports coat. It can be a wool-silk blend and it can feature multiple colors specifically, brown, beige, black, teal and green. The vest which you can also wear can be vintage wool tweed so it compliments the jacket and it can feature lighter shades of blue, green and teal. Choose an off-white shirt because it compliments the brown tones in the outfit a little bit better than a plain white dress shirt would. Your trousers and your socks can both be plain black and your shoes can be black cap toe Derbys. Add a vintage bow tie which can be green and it can feature small blue paisley because these are both colors found in the jacket and so everything works harmoniously.