Houndstooth guide part 5

Houndstooth guide

Houndstooth guide part 5

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 6: houndstooth suits

Although houndstooth suits are not necessarily as common as some other pattern types of suits that you will see today, they do, of course, exist. Of course, what this means is that the jacket, vest, and trousers all feature exactly the same houndstooth pattern because they were cut from the same cloth. If you do choose to wear a houndstooth suit, a small subtle check would be the more versatile option. If you were to try to wear a full houndstooth suit featuring a larger style houndstooth check, it would verge on looking like a costume. Go for something smaller and you will look more distinguished.

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 7: dress shirts

Most typically for dress shirts, you will see a very small houndstooth pattern, this is where the term puppytooth again comes in. Often, this pattern is just in one color and white. Now, on more informal shirts, you will sometimes see a larger scale houndstooth check and it can also be in multiple colors. This would be for a more casual styled shirt, usually in something like a slightly thicker cotton flannel.

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 8: neckwear

As far as houndstooth in neckwear is concerned, houndstooth ties are a traditional and still popular option. You will see houndstooth on neckties in printed silk which is usually smoother as well as a woven bourette fabric which has a little bit more texture to it. Burgundy is a classic color for a houndstooth necktie as is navy and for that reason, many men will choose one of these two colors first. If you happen to wear a lot of brown tweeds, a beige houndstooth tie could be a particularly smart choice. Houndstooth is also a popular pattern for bow ties.