Houndstooth guide part 4

Houndstooth guide

Houndstooth guide part 4

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 3:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, houndstooth, as well as other tweed patterns, are not ideally suited for traditional white collar business scenarios. These patterns are a little too rustic and are a little too informal.

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 4: sports coats

You can own up to thirty different tweed coats and still probably have room for more in your closet. Also, vintage jackets featuring a houndstooth pattern are fairly easy to find. Because vintage jackets using this pattern were often woven from sturdy wool tweed, they were built to last so you can still find all kinds of them in various locations including thrift stores, second-hand stores, or perhaps even online. I would go for a single-breasted jacket featuring 2 buttons or 3 roll 2 button stance. Also, I would recommend colors including brown, green, beige, or some red, or alternatively, you could also go for grayscale or even some muted blues. Though I usually discourage single vents on the back of jackets, it is a perfectly acceptable choice for houndstooth given the sporting heritage of the garment. Of course, you can also go with a double vent.

How to wear and pair houndstooth, number 5: sports coats

Also because of the informal nature of traditional houndstooth jackets, patch pockets are a particularly smart choice, you can also see flap pockets as well. Houndstooth pairs particularly well with textures in an outfit. Take, for example, a knit tie or even another type of tweed such as a waistcoat. On that note, you can also see a houndstooth pattern used on a patterned waistcoat. If you wear one of these, it is probably best not to wear it with a similar houndstooth jacket just because they clash and would not be harmonious.