Houndstooth guide part 1

Houndstooth guide

Houndstooth guide part 1

This guide will help you to get to know the versatility of the houndstooth pattern in menswear and it will help you to learn how you can wear and pair them tastefully.

Houndstooth explained, number 1:

In the most general terms, houndstooth is a type of checked pattern. As a reminder, a check is a type of pattern that is created from the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines on a garment which creates small squares. Sometimes, you can also see something called an overcheck which is basically a larger scale pattern that is complementing the smaller check at the same time.

Houndstooth explained, number 2:

In more specific terms, houndstooth is symmetrical multicolored broken check pattern that is formed by the overall weave structure of the garment. Houndstooth can be distinguished from other similar types of check patterns by its jagged edges which are formed by tangent twill lines that flare out from the sides of the squares. It is called houndstooth because some people see these jagged edges as resembling the back teeth of a dog. Houndstooth was historically woven only from wool but today, you will see it on cotton, corduroy, fleece, and even some synthetic fabrics. The traditional houndstooth check is small in scale and usually found in muted tones of either brown and black.

Houndstooth explained, number 3:

More modern houndstooth styles can include brighter or flashier colors and also larger scale patterns. Traditional uses for houndstooth, as well as several other checked patterns, include all different kinds of tailored garments such as jackets, vests, trousers, hats, ties, scarves, or even bags of luggage. More trendy uses that you might see today include houndstooth fabric on shoes, as well as t-shirts, other casual apparel, and even some home decor items like beddings.