Black tie optional dress code guide part 1

Black tie optional dress code guide part 1

What is a black-tie optional dress code? Number 1

Just like conventional black tie, black-tie optional events do take place in the evening. Black tie optional events are designed to communicate a judgment-free acknowledgment that not all men necessarily own or can afford a conventional black tie ensemble. In simplest terms, the definition of black tie optional is that the hosts of an event are planning on wearing standard black tie or the female equivalent and would hope that their guests try to do so as well, though it is not necessarily required.

What is a black-tie optional dress code? Number 2

If a man wishes to dress in a standard black-tie outfit for a black-tie optional event, he is perfectly welcome to do so. In fact, if a man owns one or perhaps more standard black-tie ensembles, he should look at black-tie optional events as a good opportunity to wear them and to dress to that high standard. An important note on this topic, if a man does choose to wear a standard tuxedo to a black-tie optional event, he should still assemble the tuxedo in accordance with all of the traditional rules of proper black-tie. The optional in the black-tie optional dress code is not an excuse to try to dress down parts of a conventional tuxedo or incorporate other less formal elements.

Optional defined, number 1:

“Optional” is for men who do not own traditional black-tie ensembles. It simply suggested that these men dress as formally as they are able. This could mean renting a tuxedo but in our opinion, most men would be better suited to simply following the guidelines I am about to lay out. As you should be well aware, fit is the most important thing when a man is assembling any ensemble and it stands to reason that 99 times out of a hundred, something that a man already has in his own closet is going to fit him better than a rented tuxedo ever could.