Holiday attire for men guide part 4

Holiday attire for men

Holiday attire for men guide part 4

The source of confusion in this dress code is that it can mean anything from cocktail attire with a festive twist to the recent vogue for ugly Christmas sweaters.

Casual holiday office parties, number 1:

My advice is largely the same as for semi-formal office parties but with a few key distinctions. First of all, you can feel free to swap out the sports coat with a cable knit pullover or a cardigan sweater in a warm color. Alternatively, a fair isle sweater or sweater vest will allow you to stand out a little bit more while still looking rustic and traditional. In addition to flannel trousers and corduroys, a casual office party would also be an appropriate time to break out dark denim or perhaps even colored chinos if you are feeling especially bold.

Casual holiday office parties, number 2:

Finally, you can add an accent with some brightly colored dress socks or maybe incorporate your crazy socks featuring Santa and his reindeer and you can round out the look with some informal shoes or perhaps a dress boot.

Residential/ private holiday parties, number 1:

Now let’s briefly cover some advice on what to wear to a holiday or festive party given in a residential or otherwise similarly private setting. In the broad strokes, you are going to want to keep things a little bit more relaxed for a home party than you would for an office party but the breakdown I have just given for three different formality levels of office parties can still hold mostly true here as well. In other words, all of the suggestions I gave for specific combinations of garments still hold true for home parties as they did for office parties but when I gave you more than one option in some of our breakdowns, you would here opt for some of the less formal of those options.