Holiday attire for men guide part 3

Holiday attire for men guide part 3

White collar holiday office parties, number 5:

Tie bars, collar clips, and rings can also be worn as long as they are similarly understated and of course, matching your metals is always a good idea. Finally here regarding boutonnieres, something light-colored and small so as also to be understated would be an ideal choice.

Less formal holiday office parties, number 1:

For a slightly less formal type of office party, I recommend that you go with a combination of a sports coat and odd trousers. A patterned or textured sportcoat would be a good choice here with or without a tie. Something for example in herringbone, houndstooth, or a mottled tweed will provide a rustic quality that is still appropriate for the season. Wearing a blazer with a tartan or other plaid pattern would be an ideal way to be seasonally appropriate, a little bit bold, and a little bit rustic all at the same time.

Less formal holiday office parties, number 2:

Finally, this would also be a great opportunity to break out something like a burgundy velvet jacket if you are feeling especially avant-garde. Your shirt could be plain in color, either in a pastel shade or alternatively in a rich dark hue if you are going for something a little bit more fashion-forward. Also, the shirt could feature a pattern just so long as that pattern does not clash if you have also got one in your jacket.

Less formal holiday office parties, number 3:

In terms of styling and materials, choices like the Oxford cloth button down would be appropriately semi-formal. A chambray shirt would be another good choice or alternatively, you could substitute the collared shirt altogether for something like a dark turtleneck sweater under your jacket. You can round out this look with some flannel trousers or corduroys.  As far as shoes are concerned, you could opt for something like wingtips or loafers just so long as they are well shined.