The Paletot coat guide part 3

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The Paletot coat guide part 3

The Paletot in everyday appearance, number 2:

As you can see, the Paletot has a wide spectrum of use and is the ideal companion for a number of occasions. In a plain navy cloth, it is the perfect city topcoat that can be worn with pinstriped suits as well as with tuxedos, or even tailcoats. It is also a great choice for a Stroller suit or a morning coat. With the addition of a detachable fur collar or lapels and cuffs of matte silk, it becomes a very special evening overcoat. It looks particularly dapper with a contrasting velvet collar.

The Paletot in everyday appearance, number 3:

If you are looking for one coat that is suitable for almost all occasions, then a paletot made of flannel or tweed in charcoal or navy might be the best choice. For example, a plain dark gray and blue tweed paletot can be worn with a plaid tweed suit as well as with a business suit or evening wear, and I am sure the wearer will always look quite well put together.

The Paletot in everyday appearance, number 4:

The Paletot today still has a plain back which is an ode to the town heritage. Overall, it is a very classic simple and sophisticated overcoat that will never disappoint. Especially if you are starting out, I think it is a great choice and you can always add coarser tweed overcoats later on but in the beginning, it makes sense to have one overcoat that works for you in many occasions.
In conclusion, the Paletot is a very versatile overcoat that has stood the test of time and you will be able to wear it many years from now without any alterations or changes. On top of that, it can be combined with most everything from formal wear down to casual wear and you will always cut a good figure in it.