The Oxford cloth button-down shirt guide part 2

The Oxford cloth button-down shirt guide

The Oxford cloth button-down shirt guide part 2

Brooks Brothers invented the Oxford cloth button-down shirt, number 2:

Introduced to the world in 1896 and growing in popularity soon after, the button-down collar shirt became an instant hit in Hollywood and across the U.S. While many companies copied them, only Brooks Brothers managed to corner the industry with their newly developed dress shirt featuring button-down collars and oxford cloth. Initially worn with business suits and more formal apparel, the shirt managed to take on a more casual tone by the 1950s as America adopted the backyard barbecue trend.

The Oxford cloth button-down shirt becomes casual, number 1:

Now a focus of weekend get-togethers amongst friends, it was a classic wardrobe choice for men attending holiday parties, barbecues, and even good old-fashioned American sporting events. Young and old, it was a style adopted by everyone from varied demographics. The shirt could be found under a bespoke business suit on a high ranking executive or an auto repair salesman buying a pack of Lucky Strikes at the local Piggly Wiggly. It did not seem to matter who wore it or where, but it became a way for men to showcase their own style in a variety of ways and with a broad range of outfits.

The Oxford cloth button-down shirt becomes casual, number 2:

One of the biggest benefits to the button down at the time and even still today was that because of its versatility, it allowed men to spend less money on shirts since it could be worn with so many ensembles. It was a true everyman’s shirt and one that came in basic colors but also some pretty great patterns and prints. Casual style icons all sported the button down on a regular basis. It was evident from Hollywood cinema that men could really do whatever they wanted with the shirt.