How to drink like a gentleman part 2

How to drink like a gentleman

How to drink like a gentleman part 2

6 practical drinking tips, number 4: pace yourself

You are under no obligation to keep up with how much other people are drinking. Ideally, you can establish your own pace and one of the best ways to fend off questions for another drink is to simply have your glass half full. If you do not want to drink at all, that is totally fine. You may be on a prescription medication, you do not drink for religious reasons, or you just do not feel like it today. If you still do not want to explain yourself all the time while you are not drinking, ideally, just order a lime and soda with some ice ideally in a high ball, that way, it looks like a gin and tonic and nobody will bug you.

6 practical drinking tips, number 5: be immune to peer pressure

Honestly, that is one of the hardest things for most men. Most people love to drink and enjoy doing so in a company and that may mean that they will bug you consistently and you just have to be firm and say no multiple times if necessary. There is no need to explain yourself, you can just say “No, thanks, I have had enough for tonight.”. Simply repeat if required.

6 practical drinking tips, number 6: treat bar staff with respect

I know that can be hard if you have been waiting in line for twenty minutes and you feel someone else has cut in and gotten served ahead of you. Keep your composure, waiting for the bartender, try to seek eye contact but do not wave with your money, do not snap with your fingers because that is just rude and impolite. Of course, you should also tip well in line with the social norms in the place you are at.