The tartan guide part 6

The tartan guide

The tartan guide part 6

Given its heritage, tartan is an ideal choice for autumn and winter wear, as well as for the business casual dress code.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 11:

As I have said in the past, brown is the most versatile shoe and boot color for outfits consisting of a combination of sports coats and odd trousers. You can get away with an informal shoe in black as well such as perhaps a horse bit loafer if the tartan patterned elements in your outfit are especially bold. If you are wearing more muted tartan accessories with a charcoal suit, however, feel free to wear a conventional black oxford shoe.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 12:

Of course, with any type of outfit, boutonnieres are a great way to add that special touch of sprezzatura. Choose a flower that is not too large as tartan can already be a relatively bold pattern on its own and go for something in a color that echoes something in the tartan or elsewhere around your outfit. There are over 5,000 different individual sets of tartan available so any man should be able to find a particular tartan pattern that suits his tastes, his body as well as the occasion, provided he follows the advice I have outlined in these articles.

An idea for an outfit:

You can wear a sports coat that features a very faint houndstooth pattern in navy and a slightly lighter blue on that. Your shirt can be light blue to compliment the jacket. The trousers can be plain charcoal and your socks plain navy also to compliment the jacket. For shoes, you can opt for oxblood penny loafers that are dark brown. For accessories, choose cuff links in silver or in red. Also go for a small white boutonniere, so that it does not get in the way of the plaid tie and plaid pocket square.