How to drink like a gentleman part 1

How to drink like a gentleman

  How to drink like a gentleman part 1

6 practical drinking tips, number 1: know your limit

Everyone has different reactions to the amount of alcohol they drink and it is up to you to know what is acceptable and what is too much. For you, that may mean one drink an hour, maybe you can do more, maybe you can do less. Maybe you will always have to eat something before you drink or maybe you abstain completely.

6 practical drinking tips, number 2: stick with the classics

Most bartenders will be able to mix up a gin and tonic or an old-fashioned. Moreover, keep in mind, a gentleman drinks his beverage from a cup or a glass, not from the can or the bottle. Personally, my drink of choice is a Manhattan which usually consists of a rye whiskey with some vermouth, some bitters, maybe a maraschino cherry and a little bit of an orange peel or grapefruit peel. I love this go-to drink because I had it many times before, I know how strong it is, I know how to pace myself. Generally, most whiskeys have about the same strength unless they are cask strength and because of that, it is best to always order your specific whiskey. I like to have a Manhattan on the rocks with crown royal rye whiskey. Now, if the bartender does not have that whiskey, ask them what they have and you may come up with something, that is okay.

6 practical drinking tips, number 3: do not push drinks on others

You may be really into paying this round of tequila shots but not everyone might be into that. It is fine to offer someone else a drink but if they say no, accept it for what it is, do not tease them, do not ask them again, or make fun of them.