The tartan guide part 5

The tartan guide

The tartan guide part 5

How to wear and pair tartan, number 7:

A tartan necktie can be even more colorful than the jacket or trousers can be but the louder the tartan pattern on an accessory gets, the more muted your other garments should be to help balance things out. A plain dark suit or sports coat perhaps in navy or charcoal will work best with a bold pattern tartan tie. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, these garments can also incorporate subtle patterns of their own though remember that balance is key. Still, within the realm of neckwear, a great way to introduce tartan into your outfits is through an accessory that is primarily designed to be functional. As such, a tartan scarf is perhaps the poster child for this principle. As before, it is easiest to opt for subtler tartans with more neutral based tones.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 8:

For tartan pocket squares, the same rules generally apply as for neckwear. Tartan pocket squares either in wool or silk can add a pop of color to another more muted outfit and out of all the types of garments I have discussed today, you have got the greatest liberty to be really bold with a pocket square in tartan.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 9:

Regarding hats, flat caps are a traditional choice that remains stylish today. They are great for fall style and they come in various materials primarily tweed and also different kinds of pattern and color combinations including tartans and generally plaids.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 10:

Some more casual men’s shoe designs might also feature tartan patterns directly incorporated. Tartan shoes aside, here are a few tips for pairing more conventional shoe styles with tartan patterned garments.