The tartan guide part 4

The tartan guide

The tartan guide part 4

How to wear and pair tartan, number 3:

While full suits in loud red and green tartans are available, these types of ensembles are really more at home in the world of high fashion than in traditional menswear. Instead, I suggest opting for a more subtle and largely monochromatic tartan which is to say really more of a general plaid or something that is dark yet colorful such as the black watch set. Layers underneath the suit’s jacket should ideally be subdued and monochromatic such as a white or light blue dress shirt or a dark turtleneck sweater. Similarly here, your accessories should also be tasteful and uncomplicated so as not to clash in focus with the tartan pattern.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 4:

Tartan sports coats can be a little bit more bright and bold than full tartan suits can. As with suits and sweaters though, it is best when wearing a tartan sports coat to make sure that the other elements of your outfit, including your trousers and shirt, are more subdued.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 5:

Also, tartan wears well as the pattern on an odd waistcoat or vest. Though if you are wearing one of these, it is best to pair it with a plain or very subtly patterned jacket so that the two patterns do not clash.

How to wear and pair tartan, number 6:

Tartan trousers worn without a matching jacket should generally follow the same principles I have just outlined for solo tartan sports coats. A subdued set paired with a muted jacket, either plain or faintly patterned, will be your most versatile option. Whereas something bold and loud in tartan patterns on trousers would situate them firmly within the realm of go-to-hell pants.