Men's summer outfits guide part 5

How to select the perfect summer outfit for this season

Men's summer outfits guide part 5

Silk and cashmere for summer, number 2:

Silk is mostly woven very tightly and has excellent insulating properties, which rules it out as a summer contender. Cashmere is also very soft but simply too warm for hot summers.

 Cut of a summer suit:

If your number one objective is to stay cool, wear single-breasted coats only without a vest. If you want to be more unique, you can go for a double-breasted seersucker in pink, and if you want to be avant-garde, get a vest to go with it, and you will most likely never see anyone else wearing such an ensemble.

Summer suit accessories:

To protect yourself from the sun and look put together despite the soaring temps, you should make sure to wear the right summer accessories with your suit. For shirts, I suggest cotton with an open weave, and while short socks may be cooler, a gentleman wears over-the-calf socks, because it is thoroughly inelegant to reveal one’s hairy calf when wearing a suit. A Panama hat or any other straw hat such as a boater will keep your face in the shade. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, and if you chose polarized aviators, things around you look even prettier. In regards to neckwear, knit ties are great because they underline the casual character of the rest of your outfit and they are more breathable than regular ties. Linen ties are an alternative but just like the suit, they will wrinkle (ironing ties is never a good idea unless you rip it apart, iron it and sew it back together). Also, bow ties are great because they do not cover your chest.

Shoes for summer:

Shoes should be in lighter colors. Suede, Saddle shoes and two-tone shoes such as spectators are equally as good as loafers or canvas shoes, it all depends on the degree of elegance you are going for.