How many dress shirts does a man need? part 4

Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

How many dress shirts does a man need? part 4

Basic dress shirts, number 2:

If you want to invest in cufflinks, I would suggest you get one pair in gold and one pair in silver in a very traditional style without any diamonds or colored stones. Personally, I would choose a monkey fist knot cufflink because they are versatile, they are classic, and it is something you could wear with any kind of outfit.

Basic dress shirts, number 3: checked shirts

Ideally, you get it with a button-down collar because it is more casual and you do not need to wear it with any form of neckwear and for that, you definitely want to have barrel cuffs or button cuffs and you can also have a chest pocket if you want.

Basic dress shirts, number 4: denim shirts

It can really help to dress down other things, you do not have to iron it, it is something that is popular right now, and has been popular for the last few years. It is soft, it is hard wearing, and it is something that works well in any wardrobe.

You can wear any dress shirts that you like, number 1:

You can have just ten shirts that are all in white but they can have different cuff styles, collar styles, weaves, front plackets, buttons, and all those little details make the shirts different and suited for different occasions. Of course, at this point, storage can be a challenge and basically, you can fold them and put them in drawers but I find that it takes up a lot of drawers and so I hang all of my shirts on specific shirt hangers that are not too wide so they do not take up too much space in my wardrobe. Once you have all the basics covered, I suggest you go with pastel colors.