How many dress shirts does a man need? part 3

Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

How many dress shirts does a man need? part 3

Should you take your dress shirts to dry cleaning?:

It would be easier to take them to dry cleaner but if you have very good quality dress shirts and at a dry cleaner, they usually wash shirts not as gently and carefully as it can be done at home. Also, they are usually not completely hand ironed but machine ironed and all of those things help to wear down your shirt prematurely.

Basic dress shirts, number 1:

I think every man should invest in ten dress shirts if they have somewhat of a use for dress shirts on a regular basis. If you wear shirts to the office, ten is actually the bare minimum. I suggest having more like a three or four-week rotation which means 15 or 20 dress shirts. Of course, the bigger the rotation, the longer your shirts will last. For the most part, the first ten shirts should be mostly white, off-white, or shades of blues.  Personally, I am a big fan of pastel-colored shirts, light greens, or lavender, or yellow, but typically that is something you should add on top of the ten basics. If you do not have to wear a dress shirt to work and you do not like wearing dress shirts, I suggest you have at least three dress shirts that you can always rely on. One is a white dress shirt, ideally with French cuffs for cufflinks without a chest pocket and it is something that you can wear for anything from a job interview, to a funeral, to a wedding, or any kind of other formal events. If you do not have cufflinks or you do not want to invest money in them, go with a single barrel cuff which is also known as a button cuff.