How many dress shirts does a man need? part 2

Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

How many dress shirts does a man need? part 2

Dress shirts are an investment, number 2:

If you take care of your shirts properly, they should last you a long time. If you have shirts made for you, it may be a good idea to invest in separate collars and cuffs because that is what usually wears out the first and so you can just exchange that and still enjoy that shirt. Now, some of the old shirts I have are just starting to fray around the edges on the collar and the cuffs and since I do not have any excess fabric, I could turn them into Winchester shirts meaning I use contrasting white collars and cuffs, that way, I could still enjoy wearing the overall shirt without having to just buy an entirely new shirt.

Dress shirts are an investment, number 3:

The other option would be to simply wear them as they are. I am not saying this is something that you should practice and it requires a certain style in order to pull it off. More often than not, people would probably think of you as frumpy or not well taken care of if you have a meticulous wardrobe with fraying shirts.

You can change your shirt wardrobe with the seasons:

In the winter, I wear heavier oxfords or heavier twill shirts, sometimes they have a little flannel texture, just so I am warmer and more comfortable. In the summer, you can wear very lightweight fabrics with an open weave that will help your skin to breathe and keep you cooler. Of course, during the in-between seasons, you can wear medium weight fabrics and ultimately, you have to analyze where you live. If you live in a climate where you have very hot summers and very cold winters, you need different shirts than if you live let’s say in Sri Lanka where it is hot all year round.